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10 Ideas for Filling Glass Vases in Interior Decor

Glass vases are considered one of the most versatile pieces of interior decoration. They can be used or filled only with flowers, fruits, stones and other objects. If you want to decorate your personal home with elegant and unusual vases, but you do not understand what ideas to choose, we have created for you a list of 10 fascinating ideas.

What Kind of Luggage Can You Use to Fill a Vase?

It can literally be any kind of object you like and think is elegant and attractive. In this post, we will definitely recommend you some ideas to help you execute your own ideas and make beautiful interior decorations that look cool and new.

How to use vases in interior decorating? They have every opportunity to freeze the most important accents in a room or to add to the main concept. Such an interior detail can serve as an alternative to floral arrangements or be used to experiment with textures and colors. They can really be everything that inspires you!

To get started, let’s take a look at 10 great ideas


A greenish plant with a glass vase in appearance is a timeless classic. Plants come in all shapes and sizes, greenish or blooming, large or small, single or in composition. The key is to keep them fresh and potent.

To fill a glass vase, you can choose single perennial plants and many smaller ones. If the vase is tall and narrow, choose narrow-leaved plants or elites to create a pronounced vertical accent. Entire mini-gardens of small plants can be placed in a wide vase.

For those who do not want to deal with plants, there are suitable cacti and succulents that require no special care and look trendy and modern. And to create a romantic mood, opt for roses, garberas, peonies or other flowering plants.

  1. Green Dragon
  2. Ficus
  3. Aspidistra
  4. Sansevieria
  5. Calathea

These plants are very suitable to fill glass vases. Note that all plants must be fresh and strong and the vase must be colorless and rare. That is why plants in glass vases are not only a beautiful decoration but also an attractive living space in your home.


Succulents are beautiful plants that are likely to weather the hardships of the most adverse conditions. They grow well in dry, sunny climates and are ideal for decorating the inside of glass vases. Succulents are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, making them a versatile decoration.

– Decorate a vase with a single succulent. One or more small succulents in a glass vase looks elementary but elegant. A variation suitable for those who love miniaturism and purity.

– Succulents with decorative stones. Supporting decorative stones add beauty to an unpretentious glass vase. This makes the vase even more attractive.

– Juicy compositions. Combine different succulents into an elegant glass poll composition. Different shapes and colors can be combined beautifully.

– Framework succulents. Fill frames with dust, silk, paper, and succulents to revive the outside of the room.

Succulents are a lucrative way to breathe new life into the outside of your home. They require no special care and do not lose their charm for a long time. Thanks to the wide variety of succulents, everyone can find a great closure for their indoor decor.

Leaf Plants

Leaf plants are an excellent way to fill glass vases for indoor decoration. They not only create a vibrant ambiance in the environment but also improve air quality.

This includes almost all ferns, ficus, dracaenas, monsters, petunias, and more. Due to the variety of shapes and green colors, you can choose the most favorable conclusion to all indoor decorations.

Many plant species can be used immediately to decorate glass vases with foliage plants. It is also possible to act in the way of planting plants. They can be continuous, combined in numerous lines, or randomly arranged.

  • Glass vases look great in glass vases, especially when painted with elegant and lush foliage species. They are either an important part of the composition or as extra decoration.
  • Fixen, Dracaena, and Samples have huge foliage that can form important accents in interior decorations. They have the opportunity to blend well with other plants or become the centerpiece of a glass veil.
  • Petitiniums and other plants with different leaf textures add depth and dimension to the composition. They can be used as important decorative elements in the decor.

Fruits and berries

Glass vases are more likely to become an elegant decoration in a kitchen or dining room. One of the most famous types of items that can be packed in glass vases are fruits and berries. In addition, they are nutritious, which makes this decorative painting even more active.

Lemons, oranges, apples, pears, and all other types of fruits can be used, but be sure to bring the required number of fruits for each use, as they can become damaged and lose their flavor over time. Cheerful.

Some types of berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, and cherries, can continue to be placed in vases. Colorful colors look great in colorless vases and add flair to interior decorating.

  • Fill glass vases with citrus fruits: lemon, orange, and grapefruit shells are a wonderful and fun way to fill vases.
  • Create a combination of different berries. Strawberries, raspberries, and cherries are a wonderful end to the spring and summer season.
  • Use fruit images that fit perfectly with your interior color scheme. For example, greenish apples are appropriate for a reddish kitchen, and pink grapefruit for a grayish dining room.

Fruits and berries are great interior accents. Not only do they look great and trendy, they also give a nice, cheerful fragrance to a living space.


The juicy scent of citrus fruits is sure to brighten and energize your interior. Place lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and limes in glass vases to decorate rooms and food.

– Place the whole fruit in the vase and add greenish branches for extra cheer.

– Model an authentic table centerpiece by placing whole lemons and grapefruits in a vase filled with water.

Cut the fruit in half and place in a vase for a unique floral arrangement.

Experiment with different combinations of citrus fruits and don’t be afraid to add catchy details such as fruit leaves, floral sprays, and strings to help set the mood of the room from June through August.


Shrubs make wonderful additions to interiors and enhance the look of glass vases. Deciduous shrubs such as dogwood, currant, honeysuckle, and dwarf shrubs add a dominant and colorful accent to the living room.

Shrubs with greenish foliage such as ash, juniper, and willow can make nice greenish branches in the bale.

Mix berries and branches into a harmonious bouquet. Berries can be used as a foundation or complement to other colors and decorations in your room.

As soon as you fill your own vase with bushes, you will see how the decor of your interior will give it a supportive glow.

Corn and nuts

A great idea for filling glass vases is to use cones and nuts. Such decorations are very vibrant and very common in preparations.

Kegels can be found in the woods, with every opportunity to be both snow white and pink. To brighten the arabesque, very nice pebbles can be placed in the cones.

Nuts are also very beautiful decorative fabrics. Hazelnuts and walnuts are more advantageous. Combined with glass, they provide an unimaginably attractive and spiritual atmosphere.

  • Use small cones or walnuts for small vases and large cones or large cones for larger ones.
  • As far as style is concerned, natural materials will look good in Scandinavian style, Provence, or miniaturism.
  • If you want to create a more festive atmosphere, you can add small lights along with the cones and nuts.

Thus, soil and nuts are a good choice for those who want to create a homely and natural look. Place them in a glass vase and enjoy their beauty and delicious aroma!

Decorative Objects

You can add decorative objects to your own composition in glass vases. Eucalyptus leaves and other plants are a great way to give a natural look to a bale. You can also use colorful berries or flowering branches to add color and size to your composition.

Crystals, stones, and glass balls are also worthwhile – they give the veil elegance and sparkle. And adding candles and perfume can make an impressive backdrop to a home.

But we must not forget. There is no need to overload the vase. Bad ideas cannot be limited to a few luxurious items that harmonize with each other and create a homey ambiance to the look.

Beads and Necklaces

Beads and beads are ideal for filling glass vases. Not only is the added color and interesting texture important, but it can also draw attention to your vase to the inhabitants.

To create a nice beaded design, you can select beads of different colors and volumes and mix them with each other. This provides an original and varied look.

Additionally, you can use glass vases to reflect the beads on a wall or table. Model your own personal arabesque for your home by making a composition of colored beads. It is a fun and simple way to create striking decorations for your home.

You can also apply beaded vases as gifts to friends and family by putting beads or beads that directly fit them. They will be pleased with your wonderful gift.

The possibilities for decorating glass vases with beads and beads are endless. You just have to be creative and use your imagination.

Sea Shells

Sea shells are a popular choice for glass vases filling indoor decorations. They are available in single pieces or as a group.

Different sizes and shapes can be used to create compositions of shells. For example, a giant soap can be used as the central structure of the composition and smaller soaps can be added around it to form attractive textures and volumes.

Shell shells can also be used along with other substances with a nautical theme, such as sand or stone, to create a complete nautical composition on a glass bale.

When creating a shell composition, it is important to take exposure into consideration. Place the glass vase within a light background or light source, as light can emphasize the texture and shape of the shell more than anything else.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are flowers that retain their unique shape and beauty after drying. They are very suitable for vase decoration and give a unique character to indoor decor. They come out even more beautiful in glass veils.

Dried flowers come in all kinds of shapes, from small, coarse colored balls to large inflorescences. It is important to consider the compatibility of colors and shapes of dried flowers to create a harmonious bouquet.

Select vases based on the type of dried flowers. For example, larger plants have taller vases and less width. It is important to leave enough space between the vase and the edge of the flowers. That way they will not mix and overlap with each other.

  • Dried flowers can be used as floor, table, or windowsill floral arrangements.
  • They do not require strong special care. For those who do not like to water their flowers, they can be a great choice to load up with all the results.
  • Dried flowers may be veiled for several years.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What materials can I use for the interior of my glass vase?

ANSWER: All kinds of materials can be used in glass vases: flowers, branches, leaves, pebbles, shells, cones, sand, and water with suspended solids.

Q: How do I choose the best glass vase for interior decoration?

Answer: the choice of a glass vase for interior decoration should take into account its size, shape, paint and method, as well as its skillful interweaving with the other fabric decorations in the room.

Q: How can I properly place glass vases in my decor?

ANSWER: Glass vases can be placed on tables, shelves, window sills, and other exterior surfaces. It is important to consider color, shape, size, and complexity with other decorative fabrics in the room.

Q: How can I keep glass vases in good condition?

A: To keep glass vases in good condition, wash them regularly with water and a mild sponge, ignore the use of harsh detergents, and avoid rolling them on hard surfaces.

Q: What are some tips for displaying glass vases outdoors?

A: When decorating glass vases outdoors, you can apply all kinds of methods, such as filling the vase with flowers, leaves, stones, shells, cones, etc. You can also further decorate it with ribbons, bows, beads, etc. To create a harmonious look, it is important to choose the complexity of all colors and elements of decoration.