how long do sunflowers last in a vase
St. Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Are you looking forward to the festival? Your cherished dream about a romantic date or trip should come true. What kind of flowers are you expecting to get? Not the most popular, but original ones would be special for you. How long do sunflowers last in a vase? These bright flowers are colorful and attractive. By the end of winter, they would remind you about the warm summer days.

They are decorative, looking like a little sun. They would grace your table on your birthday or wedding party. Additionally, these beautiful yellow flowers are long-lasting. They are comparatively unchallenging or easy to care for. A couple of simple tricks help you keep them fresh longer. Are you curious about it? Discover them right now.

What is the Longest-Lasting Cut Flower?

Gifting flowers on Valentine’s Day is a firmly established tradition. Together with cards, heart-shaped candies and chocolates, they have become popular. Which ones will you send to your parents? Any of them are perfect to express your deep feelings. Every cut flower has a special meaning. Their looks, colors and lifespans also make difference.

Type of FlowerLifespan, daysCommon MeaningVase Shape and Size
Rose 7-14 true love, beauty, passion tall round
Tulips 5-10 rebirth, charity, unconditional love round bowl, narrow-neck
Orchids 7-14 beauty, strength, luxuryfish bowl
Lilies 10-14 devotion, purity, fertility large, wide-neck
Sunflowers 10-14happiness, warmth, adorationtall cylinder

It’s easier to arrange your flower bouquet in a suitable vessel. What size vase for 100 roses would you use? Quite naturally, it should be large and wide-neck. Round or square shapes are great for bottom-heavy floor installations. What about the materials? Both thick glass and decorative ceramics meet the purpose.

How Long Do Cut Sunflowers Last?

Florists offer you a wide selection of beautiful flowers on Valentine’s Day. Choosing the right bouquet for your dear one might be tricky. You should know the preferences of the person. Occasions and relations matter. Thus, each flower has its special meaning.

Quite naturally, roses are the most popular Valentine’s gifts. They seem to be the best way to express your love and affection. Meanwhile, their number and color matter. Their common meanings are well known. For example, red roses symbolize passion, pink ones let you express grace.

White roses have become a symbol of purity and loyalty. A black roses and sunflowers bouquet would be a perfect table centerpiece. Sunflowers brighten and grace it. These ornamental, big, yellow flowers commonly symbolize:

  • optimism;
  • happiness;
  • longevity;
  • devotion;
  • good luck.

If you cut them fresh, sunflowers last up to 12-14 days. Their lifespan is longer than those of roses. Additionally, the optimistic yellow shade highlights the black beauty of roses.

How to Arrange Sunflowers in a Vase?

If you are sick and tired of winter gloom, keep your chin up. On Valentine’s Day, celebrate the coming of spring. Welcome it properly with armloads of flowers and a good mood. Which ones are the most optimistic? Black roses don’t suit the festival. They can mean farewell, tragic romance or even death.

Sunflowers are quite different. Their bright, big blooms look gorgeous. These beautiful flowers have got their vital name because they always follow the sun. Different nations believe they are positive. In Chinese culture, the flowers symbolize longevity and vitality. For Native American tribes, they meant harvest and bounty.

How do you arrange them? Quite naturally, your best vase for sunflowers should be:

  • large;
  • tall;
  • decorative;
  • wide-mouth;
  • thick-wall and stable.

It should accommodate the flowers with tall stems. Keep in mind that to show off the big, eye-popping sunflower blossoms, wide-neck containers are necessary. Advice: they can look like a bowl or a charming ceramic vessel.

How to Trim Sunflowers?

how to trim sunflowers for a vaseIf you love these large, bright yellow flowers, you are lucky. They make you smile every time you come home or enter your room. Quite naturally, the floral arrangements should match your interior design. They look astonishing in my summer house, complementing its rustic style.

You know, sunflower is an important crop species. It survives in any kind of soil, preferring locations in full sun. You can easily grow helianthus in your garden or pots. Thus, you would have to trim their stems early and mid-summer. It’s necessary to control their height and eliminate buds.

Bringing home fresh-cut sunflowers, treat them like any new bouquet. You should:

  • unpack the flowers carefully;
  • give every stem a trim;
  • add water to a vase;
  • put the stems in;
  • position them the way you like.

Is it intuitive to cut the stems? It seems to be a piece of cake. You should only use clear, sharp clippers. Trim the stems at an angle, letting them absorb more water.

How to Keep Sunflowers Alive in a Vase?

If you grow sunflowers in your garden, you can cut them by yourself. They last longer, if you do it early in the morning. Early hours after dawn, but after the dew has already dried suit picking helianthus the best. If you cut them in the evening, when the sun is not high, it prevents drooping too.

I am sure, you know how to keep sunflowers in a vase. Or no? Put the precut stems in water immediately. Don’t let them dry out or wilt. To prevent bacteria growth, add an antimicrobial solution to the water. It might include:

  • lime or lemon juice;
  • white vinegar;
  • bleach;
  • alcohol like vodka;
  • flower preservative from your local floral shop.

It prolongs the vase life of your freshly cut sunflowers. Quite naturally, both the vase and the water should be clean. Wilted of green, the bottom leaves should not soak in water. Remove them before placing sunflowers in the vase.

How to Preserve a Sunflower Upright?

You know, fresh, young flowers last longer. Choose the flowers that are still in buds. It lets you prolong the blooms, keeping them fresh and beautiful. In your garden, you can also water the sunflowers. Do it 2-3 hours before picking them, to enhance hydration.

Should you condition sunflowers before placing them in a vase? If you are getting them inside from your garden, it would be helpful. Lessen the cutting and environment change shock. Keep them in a cool place in a bucket of water for 2-3 hours.

Are they already in a vase? To enjoy their gorgeous gloom long, try to:

  • keep sunflowers away from direct sunlight;
  • choose a cool, well-lit, draft-free location for them;
  • change the water daily or every second day;
  • spray the flower heads with water twice a day.

What about the water temperature? I guess it should be neither cold nor lukewarm. The room temperature is comfortable. Make sure to renew the water level in time, as sunflowers are thirsty plants.

How to Make Sunflowers Stand Up in a Vase

how to make sunflowers stand up in vaseYour gorgeous sunflowers become the centerpiece of your holiday table. They look especially astonishing on Thanksgiving Day. Like pumpkins or fall leaves, they add a rustic vibe to your decorations. By the end of winter, these bright yellow bouquets are also felicitous.

Sunflowers brighten your mood and room. I just try to place them near the window, keeping them away from heat and drafts. You should keep an eye on the flowers, getting on with:

  • changing water/solution;
  • renewing its level;
  • recutting the stems;
  • providing reliable support for them.

Sunflowers are tall and beautiful plants. Their stems might be 30-inches long or even taller. Find a perfectly large, tall and decorative vase for them. How can you support the sunflower heads or blooms? Place several bamboo canes near the stems. Strong wooden stakes or poles would do the job too. Fasten them properly together. Tie the stems, using a piece of garden twine or so. It keeps them from falling over and wilting.

How Do You Revive a Sunflower in a Vase?

If you keep the stems in clear water, they won’t droop too fast. It should be fresh, free from any floating foliage. Don’t forget to keep harmful microorganisms at bay. Any flower preservative, task-specific or homemade decreases bacteria proliferation.

1-2 tablespoons per gallon of water are enough. A tablespoon of sugar works as plant food. It fertilizes the flowers, keeping them from premature wilting. Thus, change the solution before it starts clogging. Air bubbles should not start developing on the stems.

Are they wilting now? Try to revive the flowers.

  1. Change the water.
  2. Let its temperature rise a bit, reaching 90-100 degrees F.
  3. Add 3 teaspoons of sugar.
  4. Place the drooped sunflowers in.
  5. Let it sit.

Quite naturally, you can dry and preserve sunflowers. If you leave them in a vase without water, they shrivel a bit but look nice. In proper conditions, the petals won’t drop off. This way, sunflowers last several months or up to a year. So, you can enjoy their gorgeous beauty year-round.

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Bottom Line

Sunflower is an important crop. It’s a rich source of nutrition-dense seeds and vegetable oil. Besides, decorative plants are beautiful and mood-lifting. Have you got a large bouquet of helianthus on Valentine’s Day? Don’t take it to heart. As well as 100 roses, it can mean devotion and true love.

To clarify: if you haven’t decorated your house with sunflowers before, no big deal. It would be a great experience. Large, warm, and beautiful, these flowers brighten your home and mood. They are easy to care and long-lasting. You just need to choose them carefully and place them in a suitable vase. Anti-bacterial water solution keeps sunflowers fresh longer. So, enjoy their bright beauty and keep smiling. Spring is coming soon.