how to store artificial flowers

Some people believe that artificial flowers and other decorations are “dead” and have no place in an apartment or home. Fortunately, a large part of society sees it completely the opposite way. Artificial flowers are becoming increasingly popular each year due to improvements in the technology needed to create them. While modern artificial flowers are very difficult to distinguish from real flowers, this option has many unquestionable advantages.

Durability. Unlike natural flowers, their owners can enjoy artificial versions indefinitely for their beauty. The only shame is that they do not smell. Unfortunately, diversity only allows finding, buying, or growing some natural flowers in unsuitable climatic conditions, even in greenhouse conditions or closed greenhouses. Artificial flowers do not have this disadvantage, so one can easily purchase the most fantastic and unusual options. Easy to use. Growing many types of flowers is a challenging task. And only some have enough power and knowledge to finish what it started. In addition to cultivation, flowers require certain special care, but artificial plants have few of these difficulties.

However, artificial flowers require care to give their owners long-lasting color and beauty.

Artificial Flowers Require Special Care

Artificial palm trees and other artificial flowers do not take care and time. The main problem with this type of decoration is that they collect dust just like any other decorative element. Wiping them off is not a problem, but artificial flowers do not have a uniform surface. The care process for fabric flowers can be divided into two basic steps.

Frequent. Clean the dust from the flower elements. They usually perform liquid cleaning of the space because it is dirty. Seldom. Thoroughly cleans the artificial flowers from all types of dirt.

can you wash artificial flowers

Can you Wash Artificial Flowers?

The second step requires placing the artificial plant in an appropriate container (such as a bathtub). Depending on what has been soiled, it should also be rinsed with lukewarm water or poured a little hot sopia. The flowers should have too little time for the cleaning solution to do its job. The artificial jewelry is then rinsed with clean water and placed back in place.

In any case, dedicating a few minutes of one’s time to caring for artificial flowers is not out of proportion to the difficulty of caring for natural plants.

Choosing the right artificial flowers can help you take care of artificial flowers.

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Selection of Artificial Flowers for Indoor Use

Typically, artificial flowers are made of cotton, silk, polyurethane, or latex. Experts recommend using the first two variants because they can withstand aggressive use, reduce burning, and do not lose their appearance after cleaning.

Artificial flowers and plants are divided into different categories based on the quality of materials used, durability, structure, binding elements, coloring, etc. The Treez collection includes only high-quality plants with the best materials from Japan and Singapore. Plants are constantly controlled at all stages of production, and the areas where plants are produced are maintained under ideal conditions.

However, there are also plants of medium and low quality. They must keep their appearance well for a long time due to cheap or bad and harmful materials. As a result, they burn quickly, lose shape, and do not withstand contact with water. Sellers often try to place medium-quality plants as top-quality plants. This is because they appear to the average buyer to be easily identifiable without the originals. But in the end, one sees poor-quality colors, lack of detail, unreliable fixation, and low-quality materials.

Care should be taken before purchase to facilitate the maintenance of fabric flowers in the future.

types of artificial flowers

Fake Flowers Categories and Types

Types of artificial flower categories and the materials from which they are made. Integrity and durability of all elements of artificial plants.

In most cases, it is not advisable to save the market because artificial plants are very long – you can pay a little more. Still, buying a lower product quality is preferable to take a good plant that will last longer instead of getting frustrated very quickly. At first glance, some of the cheaper plants give the impression of a high-quality object but quickly lose color, part of the construction, etc. Therefore, before buying artificial flowers, it is always advisable to carefully check the durability of the petals and other elements, examine the colors and read the composition.

Following a few simple tips on selecting and caring for artificial plants, they will excite their owners for a long time with their great appearance and add a fresh touch to almost any interior.

How to Protect Silicone Flowers from Dust?

Pot plants warm a room and light up its interior. But how can you replace the vibrant greenery if you don’t have time for home gardening or if flowers cause allergies? The real solution is to buy artificial flowers. In appearance, they are almost indistinct from living plants, but they decorate the home and create comfort. Moreover, artificial flowers are perfectly safe for health, require no special care, and can stand for many years. However, despite their sterilization, artificial flowers must be cleaned regularly by a pot with a dust-based composition.

Congratulations, you are now the happy owner of silicone flowers! As time goes by, the question becomes, “How do I take care of them?” is the question.

This article covers all the care and restoration options for silicon flowers in as much detail as possible. We want to enjoy our indoor plants for as long as possible and make caring for them easy.

how to protect silicone flowers from dust free

How to Care for Artificial Flowers?

The first thing to address is minimal dust contamination. There are several ways to remove dust buildup.

Method 1. first, try shaking the dust off with a dry brush (fluffy hair) or a hair dryer. The hair dryer should be activated with a cold adjustment to blow the dust off the leaves and blow the petals a short distance away.

Method 2. All silicone plants can be washed with warm water. If dust accumulation is already significant, rinse them under running water. Plants cannot be soaked by rinsing with soap. After washing, shake it and let the flowers dry naturally, bud side down. Note that silicone-soaked cloth flowers should not be washed frequently because the silicone coating will separate and cause a “mohal” appearance.

Method 3. rub with a damp cloth/sail without alcohol. Petals can also be gently wiped with a damp cloth without alcohol.

Method 4. if the contamination is very heavy from newspapers or life, nail varnish removal or white spirit (solvent) can be used if necessary. But try first on a small area of the material. And don’t go crazy like a rose. For example, for example, you can erase vein structures.

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Over time, due to frequent mechanical action, “lever” threads may stick out from the edges of the flower horse with a fabric base. These can be carefully cut with sharp scissors. If the flowers are dirty or torn at the end, they can also be carefully cut.

Apart from that, I want to mention compositions that cannot be removed or moved for easy cleaning. In this case, one must be patient and use a damp cloth or rag to remove the dirt from all surfaces continuously. This advice applies to trees hardened on the ground or in large troughs.