what to put in bottom of vase with fake flowers

Artificial flowers – a great conclusion for those who do not contain the ability or hope to take care of living plants. They not only do not require strong care, but also have the opportunity to freeze a beautiful part of the decoration of the outside of the building. However, vases with artificial flowers look great and, of course, are essential for the aristocracy, what should be placed at the bottom of the vase.

Artificial Flowers to Place at the Bottom of a Vase: Recommendations for Decorating a Room

The right choice of materials for decorating the bottom of the vase will help in the illusion of real flowers and greenery in the room. In particular, the bottom of a vase can be decorated with stones, sand, pebbles, wood chips, or other natural materials. However, others disregard the use of all synthetic materials that may be unnatural and detract from the illusory effect.

If you want to achieve a specific stylistic effect, the bottom of the vase can be decorated with various objects, such as musical instruments, pieces of nautical decor, eastern ornaments, etc. In this case, it is important that you have one style that does not leave the vase overcrowded, so as not to lose the impact of naturalness and harmony.

Why use artificial flowers?

Artificial flowers – a beautiful conclusion for building decoration. They do not require strong care, do not throw leaves and do not dry out. Plus, you can literally choose any kind of color and pattern that suits your indoor decor.

Art flowers can be used as candidates for real flowers every season and certainly help save money at the time of purchase. They are also great for people who fear real flowers, which have every chance of causing an allergic reaction.

Additionally, artificial flowers have every opportunity to be used in the design of weddings and other ceremonial events. Unlike fresh flowers, they do not lose their vibrancy or beauty during the day. They can be kept as reminders of necessary events.


Artificial flowers are more durable than fresh flowers because they are made of all kinds of materials, including textiles, polymers, and plastics.

Additionally, unlike fresh flowers, artificial flowers have the opportunity to protect personalized initial pictures and paint for many years without requiring special care or enameling.

When choosing flowers of artificial origin for a vase, it is worth paying attention to the quality and preparation of the material, so they will last for a really long time.

Therefore, the introduction of artificial flowers allows for long-lasting beautiful arrangements without the need for special care and maintenance.

Ease of Maintenance

An important advantage of artificial flowers is that they are easy to care for. Unlike natural flowers, artificial flowers do not need to be watered, fertilized, or constantly pruned. They simply need to be dusted with a soft cloth or brush.

Placing artificial flowers in a bale, placed on the bottom of earth or stone, gives the composition a natural look. However, these materials still have the opportunity to collect dust and dirt. This requires extra cleaning. Therefore, if you are not keen on the idea of a permanent cleaning vase then others use other decorative features in the vase day.

  • Sketch or relief the bottom of the vase.
  • Fancy textures or colored grains.
  • Beads, stones, or glass balls to give the vase an authentic look.
  • Greenish powder or powder that evokes earth and nature.

As a rule, almost all stores that sell artificial flowers will offer a set to quickly decorate a vase. Such kits have decorative components that seamlessly match the selected flowers. These have the opportunity to have “lace,” decorative leaves, leather straps, and many other details.

How to Choose the Right Artificial Flowers

Decorating a building with artificial flowers is an important art. To create a harmonious bouquet and not make mistakes in the selection, you need to manage a few lines

Color palette

– Select flowers that match the main color palette of the building. For example, if a room is dominated by shades of green, you can choose flowers with foliage of the same color.


– Pay attention to the fabric the flowers are made of. The usual option is silk flowers, but at the moment are many other materials such as plastic.

Size and composition

– Experiment boldly with the volume and shape of the flowers. For example, in a vase, you can put many large flowers and many small flowers to achieve a striking contrast.

It is important to remember that artificially created flowers are not only an opportunity to decorate a building, but also a great way to express your creativity and show your style.

When choosing a vase for artificial flowers, you need to consider the outside of your building. Your goal is to create a harmonious and elegant place, so try to pick a vase that complements the style of your home or office. If you have catchy and bright green plants outside everywhere, choosing a white vase that contrasts between the colors and accentuates their beauty is probably for you.

But choosing a vase does not only requires you to take into account the color but also the shape. To create a current exterior, you can choose the front of the vase in the form of a geometric shape or include a selection of curved shapes that bring some movement to the design. However, if the look is more traditional, you can opt for a round vase or a vase in a traditional shape.

  • Choose colors that match your décor.
  • Find a vase shape that enriches your decor.

Consider the scale

If you decide to decorate your building with artificial flowers, do not forget the rather necessary nuances scale. Placing components at the bottom of the vase has the opportunity to make an unusual sensation if it does not match the room, furniture, or other interior decor details.

Before choosing the size and décor, determine the space the flowers will fill. If you have an open building with high ceilings, a larger package is appropriate. In smaller rooms with low ceilings, flowers should be small or placed above the value of the window to visually expand the space.

– Consider large flowers in larger rooms.

– Choose small arrangements in small rooms.

– You can line the window or angle with taller flowers to visually elongate the room.

Choose elegantly

Decorating a building with the introduction of artificial flowers can be a painful process. But if you understand how to do it well, you can create an impressive ambiance in your home or workspace. The position of the flowers within the bale is considered a necessary part of the decorating process. If you choose the wrong vase or do not “load” it, your decorations will look sloppy.

Choosing the right objects that can be placed at the bottom of the vase can make the entire composition look better. Plants, fruits, silver coins, wavy leaves, pebble leaves – all these ingredients will surely help to make the composition more vivid with artificial flowers.

When deciding what to place at the bottom of your vase, remember to experiment with different variations. Don’t be afraid to try different color combinations; you can apply one item or multiple items to make an attractive and beautiful addition to your vase.

A few small things will definitely complete the whole look!

To create a harmonious and complete look, attention should be paid to the parts. Small details can make the look even more beautiful and stand out.

Pillows and blankets – add a textile component to the room, highlighting the interior color scheme and filling the building with comfort.

Picture frames and paintings – Hang picture frames, paintings, and posters on your walls that showcase your personality and interior design goals.

Books and Magazines – Hang books and magazines that match your room’s decor. These are not only decorative accessories but also active furnishings.

Candles and Fragrance Blocks – Spread incense throughout the room to create a comfortable and happy atmosphere. Place candles on stands to prevent unnecessary spills.

Rugs – The presence of a rug makes a big difference in the main design of a room, emphasizing its style and color palette.

Color Accents – Add the brightest color accents in the form of decorative pillows, plaids, vases, statuary, and paintings.

Even small things have the potential to change the perception of a room’s décor and make it more organic and holistic in its placement. The main rule is that they are integrated harmoniously into the room design and are not knocked out of joint fashion.

Painted glass balls

Glass-painted balls decorated at the bottom of a vase with artificial flowers create an impressive atmosphere of lightness, beauty and simplicity. It is a light and striking way to emphasize the elegance and originality of interior decorating.

Balls of different volumes can be placed in the bale in any order or even killed by creating specific shapes. With the use of catchy intensity paint, this kind of fabric decoration looks very fashionable and unusual, but it depends on the overall design of the building and one’s taste.

Some people use balls to decorate their homes for Christmas. Therefore, they choose more classic colors such as scarlet, green, yellow, and silver. However, if you have a different style of exterior, you can choose a different color palette.

Choose painted glass bowls to transform ordinary vases with artificial flowers, turning them into beautifully designed creations that highlight your originality, taste and talent.

Rattan boxes and baskets

If you want to add naturalness and texture to your own building decor, Rattan Boxes and Baskets are a great choice as a complement to artificial flower vases. They can be used not only as a support for a vase, but also as a separate decorative element.

Rattan boxes and baskets have every opportunity to own all kinds of shapes and sizes, and you can choose any style of building. Not counting this, they are ideal for use in decoration because they are quite high strength and durable.

  • When choosing rattan boxes and baskets, pay attention to their size and shape. They should match the amount of vases and harmonize with the rest of the decor.
  • For example, Rattan boxes and baskets can be used as a separate decoration to preserve other parts of the decoration or as a standard for candles.
  • Rattan boxes and baskets, as well as decorative fabrics, except applied in moderation. Very many have the ability to give a room a sense of awkwardness.

Place them at the bottom of a vase to add realism

Decorate a building with artificial floral supports – a great idea for those who don’t have the opportunity or don’t want to maintain real plants. However, to achieve an effect as close to reality as possible, you need to choose the right auxiliary components for the vase. An important factor is the material in the vase of the day.

If the desired effect – if it is an imitation of real earth, pebbles or sand could be at the bottom of the vase. This is the sentiment that flowers grow in their natural environment, then they have embedded another outside the art gallery.

One of the drawbacks of using pebbles and sand is the complication of the cleaning process. In this case it is possible to use artificial grass or leaves. It can be easily cleaned and maintain the desired effect.

Using Decor

It is also possible to use vases with decorative grasses. Decorative grasses already have a personal fabric at the bottom of the vase. This could be moss, pebbles, or another substance that goes well with the grass.

It is important to remember that the right fabric for the bottom of a vase depends on the building and the color palette. A well-chosen fabric will emphasize the realism and beauty of the artificial origin of the flowers and will be a harmonious addition to the interior decor.

Pebbles give a natural look to the veil of artificial colors. Sand and shells can be added to create a nautical theme. When selecting pebbles, consider the color and size of the veil color so that they go together harmoniously.

Smaller stones can be placed at the bottom of the vase, creating the most decorative layer. Larger stones are still suitable as decorations. They can be placed in such a way that they go outside of the floral arrangement.

Additionally, stones have the opportunity to work to add weight to the durability of the vase, especially if narrow at best. Make sure the stones are not too light and will not damage the bottom of the vase.

Wooden chips

Wooden chips can be used to add texture and dimension to a veil with fake flowers. This substance has a natural beauty that brings a natural feel to all buildings.

Wood chips have every opportunity to be used in different ways to aim for a specific atmosphere in a room. For example, if you want to create the life of a forest, you can add birch bark and wood chips to the bottom of a vase with artificial flowers.

– Wood chips can be obtained at any building material store.

– For a method like placing artificial flowers in a vase with wood chips, you will need to wrap the flowers in a mesh bag to prevent them from going through the chips.

Wood chips are ideal for bouquets of artificial origins of flowers, depicting natural environments such as forest or meadow flower bushes.

How supporting the artificial origin of flowers can be most effective

Artificial flowers have the opportunity to have a pleasant candidate for real flowers, but also a real component of indoor decoration. They have the opportunity to fill empty spaces, add color, and create ambiance in your home, office, or event. But to make artificial flowers your own, you need to know how to decorate them properly.

  • Select the right vase. Your choice of vase should be based on your indoor decor and the color of the artificial flowers. You may use a solid vase than another color, and at other times use a colorful vase to bring the color of the flowers forward.
  • Add decorative components. For an even more striking effect, add pebbles, seashells, glass balls, decorative spheres, etc. Such creative decoration fabrics will emphasize the beauty of the artificial origin of the flowers and enrich the outside.
  • Model the configuration with multiple vases. If your home or building is so large that one vase is not enough, you can fill the space with multiple vases. Different shapes, sizes, and colors of flowers will certainly help make your look even brighter and more exquisite.

Artificial flowers have every opportunity to freeze the real part of the decoration, the atmosphere and comfort of every room. The important thing is to know how to decorate them well so that they make the most of your surroundings. Follow our advice and decorate your home or office with style!

Don’t be afraid to combine and experiment!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and shapes to make a striking and interesting decorative statement for your building. Create different artificial color configurations to add depth and dimension to your veil.

Experiment with flowers of different heights. There, place larger flowers in the back project and smaller in the front. This will definitely help create a depth effect and add dynamics to the composition.

  • Try combining all kinds of color palettes, from black and white to the brightest contrasts.
  • Don’t he to add accessories such as leaves and twigs to give the composition a supporting dimension.
  • Experiment with different flower forms such as roses, chrysanthemums, asters, lotus, etc. for a fresh and attractive arrangement.

Finally, remember that decorating with artificial flowers is your own originality and creativity. Have fun with the process and create an original package that will delight you and your roommates.

Use a group

To create a more impressive and flattering bouquet, use grouping. This means having the correct number of flowers and foliage together, which will have the greatest effect.

For example, you can create a bouquet from bearded roses, yellowish flowers, and orange carnations before connecting them into a colorful and striking composition.

In grouping, there are still opportunities to help develop a purpose in the specific theme of the bouquet. For example, if you are planning to make a bouquet for a wedding, use white flowers and leaves and then group them together with broken white ribbon support.

Nonetheless, it is important to consider that the combination can be applied not only to flowers but also to other parts of the bouquet. For example, you can put all kinds of different types of berries and fruits in your personal bouquet and combine them to make the decoration even more attractive.

Verdict: Do not forget the composition of the flowers

When choosing what you place at the bottom of your artificial flower vase, don’t forget the composition of the flowers. A variety of colors and floral complexity can give a cool effect and add depth and attention to the decor.

Choose a color that fits perfectly with the rest of the decor and stick with it. If you use several colors, make sure they fit together harmoniously. If you don’t suspect which color overlaps more than another, choose a color that is closer to the others and buddies with the colors you use.

Do not use a very large number of colors and do not try to combine very many different colors. Then select a few key colors and apply them in different tones and combinations. This will create a more balanced and sympathetic effect.

  1. Select colors that match the rest of the interior.
  2. Combine colors harmoniously with each other.
  3. Do not use too many colors.
  4. Select a few main colors and use them in different shades and combinations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Which clay should I use to decorate my vase?

Answer: Use Arearenware or Clay for your Vase. Not only does it give a nice aesthetic effect, but it also holds the flowers in place nicely.

Question: Can I put artificial plants in a vase with hot water?

Answer: No, this is not recommended. Hot water can destroy the material the artificial flower is made of and even destroy the fasteners. To lower the temperature of the water, you can add a vase with ice.

Question: How do I place artificial flowers in a vase?

Answer: start designing a base of all kinds of decorative materials on the day of the vase and place the flowers in the right place. Do not hesitate to experiment and make all kinds of arrangements.

Question: Can I use pebbles and shells as vase decorations?

Answer: Yes! Pebbles, shells, or sea grids have every opportunity to be a wonderful addition to a vase decoration. Remember, however, that these materials are not necessary to destroy the artificial origin of the flowers, closure, and water in the bale.

Question: Can I make a bouquet of artificial flowers?

Answer: Of course, you can! Artificial flower bouquets are a great option for building decorations. They do not fade, do not require special care, and will energize you for a long time. Remember, however, that when choosing artificial flowers you should consider